Variables over Blueprints?

This should answer it

Hey guys, one question:
I have a project with 2 Levels / Maps. So in the first level is a menu. The second level an example map. So in the menu, I`ve got a basic blueprint which sets one boolean variable. I wanna read this variable in the level blueprint of the second level. So in basic:

[My Blueprint] SET mybool (checked)
[Level Blueprint (second Level)] GET mybool → do something with it.

Sorry if its complicated :slight_smile:

Thats C++, i need it in blueprints, if its possible…

How about putting the variable into an own GameState or GameInstance?

Simply create a new GameState, name it e.g. “MyGameStateBP” and add your variable (make it public).
To create an own GameState, open the Menu for creating a new Blueprint, but search for “GameState” in the “All Classes” list.

And don’t forget to configure this MyGameStateBP as the standard GameStateClass in your GameMode settings.

You can then access that variable via
GetGameState → Cast to MyGameStateBP → Get or Set myVariable