Variables being reset in Packaged Project

Hey all,

I’ve recently finished up some systems through blueprints for an RTS Framework, and, whilst it works flawlessly in PIE and Standalone, the packaged version (every type, 32bit, 64bit, dev or shipping) does not consider blueprint variables to be overriden in the child classes.

For example, i have a Building blueprint, from which i extend all other buildings. The parent blueprint has a SM Component, that holds the building’s actual mesh. It is overridden in every child blueprint with the appropriate mesh for that particular building.

When i package, the child variable does not over ride it’s parent, and the original, standing mesh from the parent is displayed instead.

I’ve been experiencing this issue for some time now - i’ve recently graduated from Staffordshire University, which is closely affiliated with Epic. As such, we’ve been using UE4 since around 4.3, and i’ve found the same issue in every version - variables will often reset to their defaults or simply not override its parent.

Has anyone found a way around this bug that isnt, for lack of a better word, a HACK? Am i just…doing something wrong?

I’ve seen plenty of discussion on this topic, and often it has been resolved with “I upgraded to X and now its fixed!” - coming out of university, im not interested in jumping on the next version as soon as its available, im looking for a stable, consistent release i can rely on to build a robust framework.

Any advice in regards to this issue - carry on devving in hope of a fix, maybe some scope into potential fixes in the works - would be fantastic.

Cheers in advance!