Variables behaving oddly in blueprints. (solved)

Writing a custom subtitle display for a vr game i’m making and can’t quite get the subtitles to behave properly. The intent is that after a subtitle is displayed it will clear itself awhile later. Each subtitle is stored by a number, in the event to set the subtitle, it sets a game instance variable to be the subtitles number, in the event to clear it checks to see if that is the current number in the game instance variable. The reason for this is so that if a second subtitle starts it won’t clear it’s text, since the second subtitle would have changed the variable number.

The actual behavior is that it always clears its text after the timer, even if a different subtitle has started to display.

Is there something wrong with my blueprint?

As seen in the first image the numbers going in are definitely different (This is set up so that the display time is longer than the delay to make sure the system works, which it doesn’t.)