Variables across blueprints

how do i get say a variable or function i created in the level blueprint where i can use it in say a UI blueprint to display such as health


Look this tutorial.

this dosnt really help when i create a variable in the level blueprint which im guessing makes it usable by all blueprints in the level makes it global but i cant use it anywhere else besides level blueprint it dosnt even show up

For get acces to variables in another blueprint, you need create variable with type of you source reference blueprint.
I have two blueprint Source and Target. In Target i create variable Source_bp type Source. In Source - Target_bp type Target. And I can cross Get and Set my variables in both BP.

Read this docs

um wow i kind of get this but can you explain it a bit better?
say if i have health how would i get it from the level blueprint and use it in the charachter or HUD blueprint? because from what i can see i dont get the target and source variables, like how does it know which source the target needs to point to and how would i set the variable and get the variable and know which one i am setting/getting?

You can communicate between blueprints in different ways

read this thread