Variable Wont Count Up Past 400 Million

Hello, I am creating a cookie clicker-esque game. I figure the best way to learn is to make a projetc, however I cannot get my amount of cookies variable to get past 400 million. So my question is, Is there a max value for a variable to be in unreal?

yes, integers DO have a max and min value. I don’t know the max amount, but the range was -2’147’483’648 to 2’147’483’647 in previous unreal engines.

The available types (in C++ Code) can be found here.

UE4 reflection system uses 32-bit integers so it only fits what you can fit in 32 bits, in C++ there more options, including TBigInt which let you make infinitly big integers (i think, definitly memory is limit here :p), but reflection system does not support them so you won’t have it blueprints. You can emulate TBigInt by combining few integers (I think thats what TBigInt do in C++ since C++ it self only support max 64-bit on 64-bit CPUs)

Thank you!