Variable value is different in parent and child

I have a BP class where I defined a boolean variable. I check that variable every tick while a child class checks it too in its tick:

(Child class at the top, the parent’s tick is at the bottom.)

However as you can see from the screenshot, the parent and child classes see a different value for that boolean. I double checked and there is no other variable with the same name. In both classes the default value for the variable is ‘false’ but the instance placed on the map has it set to ‘true’.

What is going on?

Binary 4.7.5 on windows.

Hi ZoltanE,

I just attempted to reproduce this but I couldn’t get your results.

Could you try reproducing it in a new project?

It seems to be a UI issue combined with a fault in my game logic: In the parent’s tick there is that UpdateTimer composite node. I made a mistake there so the exec impulse was not passed on to the output in certain cases. That started my initial investigation.
Then I noticed that the impulse seemingly never leaves the branch node and figured that is the problem. However the exec does flow as expected only not indicated near the collapsed node group. After fixing the UpdateTimer functionality now this is how things look while running:

The impulse trace is invisible before, inside and after the composite node. Is this a known issue or should I create a bug report for it?

Thanks for point that out. It’s a known issue (UE-3823) that our developers are currently investigating. I updated the JIRA to show that other users are seeing the issue.