Variable System Requirements

Hey hey

I plan to make a 2D game in UE4, it’s basically a Don’t Starve Clone ( 2D sprites on a 3D plane ).
I don’t really need the fancy graphics that unreal provides, but I also don’t want to move on to a different engine just to make a single game.

I’m worried that UE4 might “inflate” system requirements for a game that, if made in Godot/Unity, could run on a 10 year old hardware.

Is there a way control those, or does using UE4 mean that hardware specs have to be high-end by default?

I have no idea how system requirements work so forgive if I’m asking the wrong question or missing obvious things

Thank you

Using scalable instead of high quality is an aspect. But you are working backwards to get to where you want.

Unreal tends to offer higher end features. Unity and Godot are like a blank canvas that you can add to. Out of the box, even stripped down, Unreal is just heavy with features.

You want to choose an engine that complements your art and design direction. If you don’t need expensive rendering don’t use an expensive renderer.

No one will stop you from using UE4 to make a low end game. The engine will provide that friction for you.

So I can make a 2D game that will run smoothly on low-end hardware, it’s just goin to be finnicky/hard?

Pretty much. You might find that features need to be turned off or worked around as you develop the game. It seem like just a couple things now. But down the line there could be more. It’s based on what you want and how the engine prefers it.