Variable sorting in blueprint editor.

It would be nice to have some control over the way that the variables are sorted in the blueprint editor screen. Right now its only capable of showing in the order of which you add them.

You can create folders for your variables. Select the variable and go to the details panel and change it’s category. Typing a name in the category will create a folder if one by that name doesn’t exist, otherwise it will put the variable in that folder.

Also, you can drag the variable and put it in whatever order you want, whether that be dropping it into a folder or reordering inside the folder.

Now functions don’t have this capability… Was hoping it was going to come with 4.2.

  1. What Zeustiak said - there is Categories
  2. You can manually reoder variables, simply by dragging them over other variables.

Fair enough, I just felt an auto sort by alphabetical order before manipulation would fit better. Maybe others like it the way it is :slight_smile:

You didn’t mention auto sorting. You made it sound as if adding is all you can do, which is not correct.

I could go for some auto sorting.