Variable problem

Hello to all ! Im having an issue with a variable.The variable is a Score counter and its in the enemy blueprint.Everytime the enemy gets teleported via script , score counter increments by one , basically thats my score for the game and i dont know how to reference it in the hud blueprint .Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The docs on Direct Blueprint communication should help:
You just need to create a variable that references your HUD blueprint and then you can change the score counter when your teleport happens.

I didnt seem to understand this documentation.But i did it with Text Render ,my other problem is that i need to pass the score variable to the hud once again when i die and it need to show up in the retry screen but I dont know when to save or how to save and load it . Help would be appreciated!

To save variables you will want to use a game instance object or a save game object. Either one will allow you to save variables in a global fashion.