Variable not correctly showing in HUD - Please help!

I have a pawn (Spaceship) that moves. It has an int variable (FuelAmount). When the pawn moves the variable reduces.

I need the variable to display on the HUD. My HUD and widget are set-up and the default variable value display however it does not change when triggered.

The variable seems to be coming from somewhere else, a duplicate of spaceship that is not in the scene.

Even weirder, I tested the FuelAmount variable by using keypress events (1 & 2) to increase or decrease the variable. When I do this the HUD does change AND a new instance of SpaceShip appears from no-where!

IWhat could I be doing wrong? I’m guessing the function / casting / getting within the Hud’s binding function is wrong?

Any help or guidance is much appreciated. I’ve been banging my head against the wall for week over this one :frowning:

Images attached.