Variable gravity during Jump? need 2x gravity when coming down

I want to edit jump mechanics in 3rd person template such that, the character takes less time when going from max Z-position of jump to the ground. One of the ways to do it is implementing variable gravity. i.e. gravity is doubled when the character reaches the max Z-value during jump. Just like super mario. Something like below. (Credits: Game Feel by Steve Swink)
Mario jump.PNG

If there are any other ways top do this, please post.


Theres a gravity scale variable in the character movement component that you could probably set to 2 when your character isFalling.

Thanks @6ixpool, I will try to implement it this way, but I don’t have much experience in blueprint, if you can elaborate a little bit, it would be really helpful. Thanks again, you are a life saver.

Yep you can tweak the gravity scale quite easily. Just use the boolean “isFalling” and trigger it off with that.

Hey guys, thanks for your inputs! This is how I implemented it. I tried to implement it using IsFalling, but it did not work the way I wanted to. So I did it differently.

Now, it takes lesser time to come down from jump-peak than it takes to reach jump-peak. Similar to Mario!

What about if you are walking up a hill or stairs though?

I just slightly modified the jump logic from the third person character template.

“Asymmetrical Jumping”