Variable GetText not working

Hi! So Im having a problem whit trying to get my variable seen on screen. There is a picture of my blueprint. Can someone explain why it is not working. In my actor blueprint I have print string for that variable and it seems to work correctly. In that widget blueprint there is allso a button and it spawns on screen when I play in editor so that is working. But the text wont display at all.

If someone could help me I would appreciate it a lot. If you guys need more information just ask.

Sorry for bad englis!

What’s the purpose of the Get Parent Actor node here? Is the player spawned by a component? If not or you’re unsure, don’t use it.

If your 1 is a Pawn that you’re currently using, you can cast as is.

Almost certain the cast is failing because parent actor of the Pawn is not of 1 type.

Thank you for your answer! in this project 1 is a actor that I want to count points when ever the player hits this 1 actor. I have never actually understanded what I should use as a object when Im casting to something. Every single node I tryied to use as a object gave me some kind of error. Can you tell me what exact node I should use in this kind of situation? Im sorry im starter and I have bad english skills. Due this I did not understand well what where you trying to say… sorry

Ok I managed to get my blueprint working but I dont still quite understand what Im supposed to use as a object

Thanks for your help!:slight_smile: