Variable gets overwritten in BP?

Hi, I whant to save a variable in each TreeBP duplicate.

The lower graphic shows how the TreeBP should save the display name in IDName on the overlap event…

So when I walk next to the 3 TreeBPs over point 1,2,3 the BPs are debugging correctly, same by walking back again.

Now I whant to check if my Player ray (which is working right) hits a tree and if its in my reach…
I am looking to Tree2 (spot 4 in pic.) pressing E and my debugging (pic. 3) prints me Tree3!
It is working if i press E from the same spot by looking at tree3.

I had 2 thoughts A) the variable gets overwritten by moving to the next triggerbox (unlikely)
or B) the other triggerboxes get in somekind deaktivated and just one treeBP is doing something.

So I wonder why (pic.3) is not working correctly because at point 4 I am in every trigger and each tree should check if NameID is equal to the ray viewed object and one should output a true.

hopefully i discribed this coprehendable :wink:
thx in advance