Variable from actor class?

I have a blueprint projectile class that I’d like to use for all subsequent projectiles in my game. The projectile has several variables associated with it, one of which will be SpellDelay as a float. In my characters blueprint, I have a function that spawns the actor on click, and sets a delay for the next cast. What I’d like to do is set up the delay to be tied to the spelldelay variable in the actors blueprint. Does anyone have an idea how I can get a variable from a blueprint actor? I’ve tried to get the variable from Cast To, but was unsuccessful.

Easiest way I can think of is by using a blueprint interface to send the delay as a variable from “MyCharacter” to the projectile class, but there are probably severaö ways to achieve what you want that may be better for your specific needs.

You can modify variables the moment you spawn your objects; make it editable in your BP_Spell and set Expose on Spawn:

exposed variable.PNG