Variable does not change on the client

I’m not sure why yours is always returning true. It should always return false since you have both true and false branches setting the bool to false. I made a simple test, this cycles the bool true → false back and forth. first time is to make sure it can even cycle, then if you fire it and it still returns the same result it is likely an issue somewhere else.

The variable does not change on the client. ( User widget contain this variable )
I’m trying to change a boolean variable, but it doesn’t change.

What am I doing wrong ?

What I see.

User Widgets only exists locally so you can’t replicate anything in them. Notice when you create the widget that it has the “cosmetic only” screen icon in the upper right corner. This indicates that this object only exists locally and never run on a server.

You should handle the replication elsewhere like on the Actor that created the Widget.

Thanks, it’s become clearer … But I still don’t understand why the bool variable does not change locally when I change it. ( see the first image )

I think I understand what the problem is, I constantly create new widgets, so the variable is constantly overwritten and “does not change”

yes that would explain that. Note that there is a GetAllWidgetsOfClass if you need an easy way of retrieving a widget just don’t abuse this function as it has some overhead.

Thanks for the reply,yeah,issue in somewhere else.
I recreated the widget again and again ( with other loop ) and therefore “could not change” the variable.
Now the problem is solved.