Variable Class and Object Question.

Hi, Everyone
I am very new to UE4, I was watching the official Tutorial and couldn’t find the same thing the teacher was talking about.
In the video the Data type of a new variable has folder of Object and Class, but in the 4.12.4 version of UE4 I can only find the Object folder, and when I search BP_Sky, there is only BP Sky Sphere, doensn’t have the differences of Class and Object.

Did the folder move to somewhere else or did I do something wrong?

thank you! sorry this is really noob question!

Hey, i didnt get what you are asking. What folders?

Can you share the link of the tutorial and point us towards the time where your confusion starts?


I think that you now have a dropdown menu after letting your mouse hover for 1.5 seconds. This menu should let you select what type of data you’re trying to access to.

If I’m misunderstanding you should definitely point us towards that video and the moment you got lost, as Wallhalla suggested.