Variable change is not update in level sequence in viewport

I create a spline and one actor. In actor class, I created one float variable and use this variable to setup the location of this actor with the function “Get location at distance along spline” in construction script. As I change the variable in the details in viewport, the actor change the position along the spline actor I put in the scene. However, I want this work in a level sequence. Such as, I put this variable in track, then setup a initial float and a end float, so the actor should move along the spline just the same as I change the float in the details in viewport.

But the result is the variable in the track is updating, however, the actor in scene doesn’t move, seems not make the variable related to the location.
The construction script for the actor

The variable that link the location of the actor to the spline actor in level sequence

The preview if I directly change the variable in detail (it works well, so if I change it in level sequence just the pic above, it didn’t work!)

So, what I want is, use the level sequence just like a preview tool, I can see what has happen in track when the actor move along the spline(I don’t want direct using the transform in level sequence, I need to link the actor to one spline in the scene, and also preview all the change in level sequence)

Thank you so much~~

If I’m understanding correctly, your construction script isn’t being executed while you’re scrubbing sequencer in editor? That’s not enabled by default because construction scripts can be expensive. You’ll need to enable this in two places:

In your blueprint class settings:


And in sequencer itself:


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That’s awesome~~~~~~ It’s solved. I just checked the first part of job, the second setting I didn’t notice. Thank you very much~~~~~~~~~~