VaRest With Flask





VaRest plugin is awesome.

It would be great to integrate VaRest with UE4 by default.

This last two images send data from Unreal Engine 4 to a database and then from javascript code updates inmediately in the browser a Google chart pie each time the player touch a black sphere

Sweet tutorial! I agree, VaRest is pretty useful.

Thanks! Possibilities are infinite with this plugin for people that doesn’t like programming in C++

Improved javascript file for fetching data to the Google Chart pie.

Amazing Cesar !!! Do you have a git with the project? I just got started exploring Unreal and trying to create a survey with real time reports. Your project would be a great study guide!! Thanks in advance! George.

Thanks George. Sorry for late response, I dont enter here very often. I haven’t the files.

You have to open Google Chrome with this commmand to allow CORS:

Start chrome.exe --disable-web-security --user-data-dir