VaRest POST data to a RestDB database

I am trying to POST a new record into a RestDB database using VaRest Plugin through http communication yet nothing really works. The database contains 1 table with 3 columns named “name”, “link”, “descrip” and this is how my current blueprint looks

this creates a new entry in the database yet doesnt fill out “name” “link” or “descrip”

idk if this might help but

[Here are code examples how to POST to a restDB database][2]

[Link to the Plugin VaRest][3]

I’ve tried a lot, experimented with every option there is for VaRest is this even possible?

I am on this problem for a while now any help or suggestions are appreciated

Did you found solution about it?

Im having the same problem, to add a new entry and to modify an old one.