Varest How to create variables after ForEachLoop?

Hello my friends !

I have done a good varest get request it works fine ! Thanks to the guy who made it !
This is my Blueprints set :
Dropbox - varestok2.png - Simplify your life

The URL goes to a JSon test Page:

Now I want to fill a Data Table or a Map in variables; to use it for and other Custom Event.
In that case I would like to have in row 1: Name: Edmund lronside City:United Kingdom House: House of Wessex year: 1016 and then pass to row 2 for the second entry etc.

Someone could give me an advice ?
I can’t break the array, if I’m doing a Get on array I just reduce the list. I’ve tried several things but Im in the hard.
And I don’t find any tuto on this. I’ve seen Im not alone to search a solution.

Thanks alot !

what is all that meant to say? i think you will need to explain more clearly.

Sorry if I was not clear.
For the moment I can only parse that Json and print it
Im searching for a way to not only print, but store the values by filling dynamically a table data or a map to be abble to use the values for stats or maths.

For exemple in that json to be abble to calculate immediatly and print : we have 15 people in House of Angevin.

you cant add information to a datatable at runtime to my knowledge, but you could create an array of a struct to store your information.

Thx Thompson for your help. What do u mean by an array of a struct ? I save it in a .csv file ot txt file and then import in a table or something like that ?

well you can import information to a datatable but you cant save anything to it at runtime, so what you can do is basically create your own datatable via an array. to do this you would create a variable in a blueprint then set its type to the struct class that you would use for the datatable, then just make that variable into an array. its not as universal as a datatable but you can make it do the same kind of thing and you can modify the values it contains.

there may be other ways to go about all this via code but its not something ive done before in code

Thank You Thompson to give me the good direction.I will try to do this.