VaOceanMobile - ocean shader for mobile devices!

VaOceanMobile v.1.0-r1 (28 November 2015)

Download: GitHub - ufna/VaOceanMobile: Ocean shader created for mobile games on Unreal Engine 4

VaOceanMobile is the content project with ocean shader created for mobile games on Unreal Engine 4. Yes, exactly! It looks the same on mobile and works really fast!

Tested both on iOS and Android devices :slight_smile: Examples gallery:

Sure, this ocean shader has limited set of features in comparsion to desktop alternatives, but the key goal was achieved - it’s fast, nice-looking for topdown view and works on mobile devices and web.

Really cool work ufna!! I still think your original VaOcean plug-in is the best looking ocean I’ve used so far so can’t wait to give this a try :slight_smile:

Looking pretty good. What’s the usage license?

MIT license

That is a great shader… Thanks for sharing with the community!

This is super awesome ufna :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks, guys! :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about continuing original VaOcean plugin, but it makes me sad that it will work only on Windows in result :frowning:

Well, if you do continue to develop for Windows only, just keep a Mac download for the latest working version. Then, at least half of the community will be happy (Windows users)

It would make me happy if you did ufna!! I can’t imagine it being too long before we see OGL tessellation support in UE4, I hear Epic are trying at least :slight_smile:

amazing!!! thank you so much!

Just tested. Looks great!!! Thank you!!!

hello ufna! It works! and I think it works with some issues. Here is comparison, I didn’t changed any settings, just deployed via ATC to Sony Z1 compact(Snapdragon 800 inside).

I mean, I lose the Sun, and light-blue water, and distance of view

thx for share

I think the link is broken :confused:

So, it’s not designed to work well with first-person view ? :confused:

Has anyone tried this with 4.11.1 ?

Awesome stuff ufna! For sure I will use it in future projects :smiley: Thank you! :cool:

Greetings! I have a problem with that, if I have no mesh under the water - device displays black holes. How can I fix it?