Vanta - brand new style of Horror MFPS


My name is Marc, I am the creative director, co-founder and 3D modeler for Turmoil Studios. My friend and I have been working on a fresh new take on the gaming industry with a Multiplayer Horror FPS where each player is the scare.

**Description:**The game is called “Vanta” (renamed from “Boogeymen”). We chose the name because the game is pitch-black. There’s no lighting, other than flashlights, lamps, glowsticks, flares, specialty ammo, etc. There is also no HUD, but there are some gameplay mechanics that I cannot discuss in this post for security reasons. The setting is as dark as it can get, and players must use lights to their advantage, as well as sounds (footsteps, breaking windows). It’s man-hunting.

**Status:**We already have some paid assets as well as assets of our own. The game is functional with an FPS system, multiple weapons, character models, and large map for demonstration purposes.

Marc - 3d modeler
Ryan - Level Designer

Seeking: C++ gameplay programmer. Need someone who can implement game designs as discussed in group chats

we’re willing to give 15% of the game’s profit as royalties, with the opportunity to make 33% if we enjoy your work and want you to be a permanent member of our team.

if interested, contact me at

shameless self bump. we really need a programmer to help merge our assets together and optimize.