Vanishing platform not vanishing correctly

Hello there, I have a falling platform that starts to descend on player overlap and vanish when hitting the bottom using a delay node and reappear after another delay node, this works fine but the problem is when the platform starts ascending and reaches its starting point it plays out the vanish and reappear functionality again. I’ve attached a screenshot of the blueprint and a video of the issue. Any help given is greatly appreciated.

Don’t connect the delay to the Update pin. Connect it to Finished, and you can check the Direction to start different functions depending on whether the platform moved up or down.

Drag the Direction pin off the Timeline node and type “==” or “equal”. Select Enum, not Byte, and you’ll be able to choose the required option.

I managed to get it working, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response, I tried connecting the delay to finished but it’s still having the same issue just the delay timer is starting later now. How do I check directions? Sorry if that’s a nooby question I’m still fairly new to blueprints.