Vanishing model

Hi guys,

I am new to UE4. I model my interior scenes in Cinema 4d R15 and export as FBX 2013. When I import to EU4 I can see the build but when I navigate into the room it vanishes. Not sure if this makes any sense :slight_smile: once I move out the model I imported is visible again.

Any help would be great.



Can you post some screenshots please? Also, are you bringing the whole interior as a single mesh into the engine?

I’m not sure if this exists in Cinema 4D, but its possible that you have reversed faces or something similar. I use Sketchup and you get vanishing faces if they aren’t flipped the correct way.

try to build the light and see if it happens again

Hi Guys, thanks for your advice and sorry for my late response. I managed to sort it out. My main issue now is camera movement. I’ll be starting a new thread for that :slight_smile: thanks again for you response