Vanilla with Sprinkles team seeking more members

Hello Everyone!

I am currently looking for a few new members to help work on my mod Vanilla with Sprinkles - Dino Balance with Tamable Alphas

The mod is a mix between dino rebalance and additional things like new dinos and items!

Currently our team is made up of 3 members
-Jaster - main mod dev
-Mariondoe - mod dev of equivalent crafting
-Foxy Gnome - Modeler

We are currently looking for 3 more members, for the following roles


For Modeler, must be able to work with creatures or structures, can be edits of existing models and must be able to rig models to skeletons.

For Programmer, nothing to heavy, mainly needed for programming new creature abilities and such.

For Artist, can create icons for items or custom textures for existing dino’s/items.

For Animator, can create decent animations, such as walking, a new basic attack like slashing or biting.

If you would like to join the team as one the following i listed above then leave a reply explaining what wish to do and in certain cases show an example of your work if you can

Here is a link to my mods page if you want to see it