Vampires' Demise - Co-Op Wave Survival Top-Down Shooter

After more than a year of working on this project, I’m finally ready to officially announce my next game: Vampires’ Demise!
Check out the Steam Greenlight Trailer:

Vampires’ Demise is a Co-Op Wave Survival Top-Down Shooter with a Sci-Fi setting.

You play as a Vampire Patriarch who is stranded with his spaceship.
The blood supply on the ship is running low.
A well-guarded outpost of humanity is the only source of fresh blood nearby.
You must eliminate the defences of the outpost to save your family from starvation.

• Fight for highscores in online leaderboards, by surviving as many waves as possible.
• Online and local Co-Op for up to 4 players.
• Procedurally generated levels always give you a fresh challenge.
• Regenerate your health with the blood of enemies.
• Loot and use a variety of weapons to survive increasingly difficult waves of enemies.

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I made a build-up strategy game with UDK and released it on the App Store. Then I took an unfortunate detour to Unity, so I’m happy that I can work with Unreal Engine again for this game!