Vampire Virus + Scripting

Hello. I plan to make a vampire virus mod, preferably by scripting most of it. Is scripting even a thing in the Ark Dev Kit? I’m currently downloading it so I don’t know.
If scripting is not possible, would it even be possible using whatever the Ark Dev Kit offers? (blueprints or whatever else)

Is this possible to do? I’m not sure how limited the dev kit is.

I’d say yes, this is definitely possible. C++is not available, but blueprint graphs are, so you have graphical scripting.
You should join the modding discord, we’ll help you get started!

C++ coding is not available, blueprint graphing is. If you’re unaware it’s, for lack of a better analogy, a visual system of C++(just no code access and the negligible performance degradation that comes with not running native code).

It’s as limited as the Engine was when 4.5.1 was released. The only real limitation is that we don’t have all the fleshed out features of the new engines. That and a few core principles that need to be followed as you’re dealing with a C++ built game and need to keep in mind that it is a built, published and fully functioning game.


So is it also possible to make a mod where when the player upgrades one of their stats, for example Crafting Speed, I could make them gain +5 stamina along with it?
Because crafting speed is pretty useless so I wanted to give it some side perks.
Is it possible?

I provided an answer to this in another thread of basically the same topic you made…