Valve knuckle orientation

Hi there,
I’m using valve index controllers and I am in front of a problem : when in use, the controllers are oriented around 40-45° from the ground. For example Vive ones are parallel to the ground. Knuckles are not : their top-face (where joystick and buttons are) is almost parallel. However the motioncontrollercomponent detects it as parallel. That’s why (I guess) SteamVRInput plugin adds a weird ~40° rotation to the handmesh to compensate.
However I cannot find how to add this offset to my own mesh (I don’t use a hand for this project, and I need to compensate the rotation). When my mesh is aligned with the motioncontroller component, it’s way too inclined to be used comfortably.
Thanks for any advice !

I finally had to convert my own mesh into a skeletal mesh and added a “Transform (Modify) Bone” node with approximate values (found using common technique of “try and try again”).