Valve Index and haptic feedback with OpenXR

We have been running it in PIE and from a steam build launching from steam, both with SteamVR as active runtime, no dice

Just to verify: Fresh VR template, poses and input are working as expected, but when you grab a cube, or shoot the pistol, there are no haptics? Make sure you don’t have a custom input profile applied, as you can turn off haptics there.

I just tried with fresh VR template, and our own game, and found some interesting things. So when first booting up the template the haptics seemed to work flawlessly indeed. However, after trying things out for a while, the thing that worked flawlessly was shooting the gun, but picking items up only worked once, then I had to shoot the gun again to have 1 item pick up haptic again. Additionally, in our own game, the same thing happened, you would only get 1 haptic per controller, however this reset if you pressed the triggers, where a vibration happened (I think this was from Steam VR itself, as I don’t believe we added haptics on trigger) and then the pick up vibration again worked one time. It seems that any vibration caused by the triggers resets the vibrations?
Also when playing the template one time, only the left knuckle trigger gave the Steam VR vibration, that could be used to reset the haptics, while the right one did not have this vibration, and pressing the trigger here also did not reset the haptics.