Valve Brings Back Paid Mods

What do you all think?

~ Jason

The biggest problem with the previous paid mod scheme is that it was introduced by Zenimax/Bethesda, who are not known for their generosity.
Many of us still remember Horse Armour, don’t like what they’ve done to Fallout or the way they acquire new companies.

I’m not keen on it, and hoping it will ultimately fail. $1 a month to access mods for a game isn’t steep, but I can’t help but feel it’s not really great for either the end user, nor the developer.

My biggest issue with paid mods is that it really takes away from modding as a whole.

Considering there was no monetary gain from modding, the people who went into it were mostly doing it because they and a passion for it…and it showed (most of the time).

I fear that mods will now become a “easy money” for people and we’ll get a lot of people going into modding who would normally steer clear of it…

~ Jason