Values within array issues (Gathering Quest BP)

Hello everyone, I am having an issue in which my index are apparently not working accordingly, I am using this to check the status of a gathering type quest. If the amount is met for the selected items the quest is complete. However, even if I collected the required items and amount it does not end up processing the quest complete function. This is what I have, hopefully you can help me, thanks!

You are correct!

How is this supposed to work?

  • we check one map against another to find whether all requirements are met; if so, the quest is complete

How close am I?

In a map, you can’t rely on values being in a certain slot. You have to access them using the key.

You can compare two maps of this type like this:

( This assumes they have the same keys ).

This should work even if the player doesn’t have some keys in the quest map:

Untested :wink:


It’s never plain sailing with maps…