Values are changing via screensize

I’m not even sure where to go about this problem.

The built in character movement doesn’t fit my needs so I am making my own. Everything was going fine until I noticed that the height of my character’s jump vary depending on the size of the screen.

I am using UE4.15.2, blueprint only.

Here are some screenshots with the nodes relevant to jumping.

The Pawn’s nodes.

MyMovement is the component I have made. This is where it leads

Every Tick nodes

Where Calculate Gravity leads to. Divided in two segments. This first one I added to check the apex of the jump, which indeed confirmed to me that the height has been varying.

Which finally leads to this.

I wish I could provide more information, but I am truly lost on what it could be since as far as I can see there should no relation between the screen size and my jumps.

I glimpsed roughly over it but to me it looks like a Frame Dependance issue. In Calculate Gravity you do a couple Calculations that don´t take Delta time into account by the looks of it. And different Screensize will result in different FPS. You might want to doublecheck that Part.


That fixed the problem.