Value dont show in widget text box

Hello everyone!
I am a very beginner to ue4, and I’m trying to display my ammo amount from my cube class bp in my InGameWidget bp, but for some resones it is do not show any value, as show in this picture:

So I’ve set a new bind, as shown in [this][2] tutorial :

The GetText_0 bp:

Here is where I set the ref to the cube:

Can anyone please explain me why and what I need to do so it will work?
Thanks in addition!

Hello Lamldan,

From the screenshots you’ve shown, I don’t see any issues. I have a few questions to ask you to try to figure out what is wrong. Are you sure that the Ammo variable is being set? Try widening the AmmoAmountTxt text box to make sure that it number given isn’t too big for the area and not showing for that reason. Also, can you try selecting “Fill” instead of “Auto”, as well as turning on “Size to Content” on the parent Horizontal Box?

All was ok, I have deleted the old bind and created the exact same one again and it worked… thanks anyway