Valley of the Ancient won't install “Install Failed: A file Corruption has occurred”

In my download tab, it says installing but goes back and forth from 51% to 47%. Then it says “Install Failed: A file Corruption has occurred”. I uninstalled, restarted computer then reinstalled the launcher. Same error

I have enough HD space (665 gb free) but the install keeps failing around 50%. I can resume it but it’s failed 5 times. Anyone having this issue?

I downloaded it fine, just taking forever to create the project. I put it on my D drive instead of C drive so that could be my problem but can’t see why. If you have enough space it should be able to download fine though.

I was able to get the project to open after about 45 minutes. The landscape is almost exclusively Megascan assets. Hopefully you can get it up and working, cause once it does it’ll blow your mind.

Well trying to download such a big file has put me up against my monthly download limit of 1.2 tb. Anyone have a fix for this issue? Everything else I can create a project or add to project, but this valley files will not.