Valley of the Ancient is all Black

Valley of the Ancient is all Black. There is what text in the foreground and a black silhouette of a character of the white text. I was able to get the character to stand up but everything is completely black. Is there something I’m missing. I had increased my memory to 32 and I’m running on a 3080 gtx. It should be able to handle it.

The top two lines of text weren’t visible and I didn’t know about loading the map. I guess when you use an ultrawide 32:9 monitor, the text is too zoomed in. It worked after loading the map and it is pretty cool seeing the demo in ultrawide.


Thanks for following up with how you resolved it. Will help others who come after you.
I haven’t got around to trying the demo yet, but I will and I’m on 21:9 so might come across a similar issue.