Valley of the Ancient Download

I am trying to download the UE5-project “Valley of the Ancient” from the epic games launcher. Of course I have the early acces version of the engine alredy installed. But here is my problem: Automatically the project wants to save on my C: Drive but there is not enough space left, so I change it to my HDD (D:), the selection gets accepted but every time I press Create a message appears saying on my C: is not enough space even I saved it on my D:

I literally dont know what to do, I restarted my PC multiple times, ran the launcher as a administrator…

Hopefully someone can help me with this problem.

thanks in advance

There’s a thing called Vault Cache, which by default points to your C: drive. See the launcher options (bottom left) then somewhere near the middle/end of the page “Edit Vault Cache Location”.


Thank you, this did the job for me!