Valley of Crescent Mountain

Born from a passion to have a quality farming game on the PC, we bring you “Valley of Crescent Mountain”. However, why stop with farming when you can add espionage to the mix, throw in some magic and perhaps a dastardly deed or two and what you have is our game!

As a newly graduated Spy, you have been dispatched into the world to make a difference and benefit the kingdom. Your first post is to the north near a neutral town settled deep within Crescent Valley. The village is in the middle of the only mountain pass between your kingdom and the neighboring nation. A small plot of land has been purchased on your behalf for you to establish your deep cover identity as a new farmer to the area. Your mission is to engage with the locals, watch for incursions by the opposing kingdom, sway opinions to your advantage and find new opportunities to push your country’s agenda. Amidst all of this, unsettling signs of darkness are making themselves known.







Inspired by previous games such as “Neverwinter Nights”, “Harvest Moon”, and “Witcher”, we wanted to bring a game to life that did justice to the Farming genre and its RPG elements. This is where our game comes in. We are putting a heavy focus on roleplaying events that will define and change how you play the game. Add a unique starting point for the storyline and you have what I call “winner winner, chicken dinner!”. Speaking of chickens:



In our game you will be farming on a grid. This grid based system will notify you via visual cue on the status of your crops and the tiled land. Everything from water saturation level to plantable tilled land. If you want to know the status of every tilegrid on your entire farm you can press q and it will quickly show you the status of all tiles on the farm you own. Want to go back to less information, just press the tab key again and it will all be removed and brought back to normal.

You will gather seeds from quests, events, the world, and from other plants. Use these seeds on the tilled land to start creating the birth place for your plants. Once your crops have been brought to adulthood you can harvest them. If you are unhappy with the crop you can throw it away, or if it fits your needs you can store it in your backpack.

Whaaaaat is this?! I’m officially intrigued and I want to learn more :open_mouth:

Thanks for the interest. I will be updating this post and a few other blog/locations this week!

Just followed you on Twitter! To hear that it’s inspired by Harvest Moon AND The Witcher?!

Mind blown. I am so excited :smiley:

Well thank you for the kind words! We will be updating this thread, and you can always come and check out the streams!

Some screenshots from last nights stream!!!

Some more updates from tonights stream!!!

Love the Style look to the game, Keep it up :slight_smile:

Less friendly wolves!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooohhhhh…now this looks cool! I love your style here!

@bakudah thanks!!! Here is a video of the newest growth system!

Finished our pumpkin (new growth) system. Still some bugs that I reported in another place, but it looks amazing despite those small issues!

Added in flag today, and a new arcade map chooser. Soon we will have new mini game modes! Archery contest anybody?

Also added in another map for the 6v6 mini game!

Great style and game.

New gameplay video intro!

Anybody celebrating the 4th?

When the lvl 1 meets the lvl 60 who has been playing since Pre-Alpha

Added in the four different seasons. You can also change to each season on the fly, no transitions no level switches. Everything just converts over! <3

Player housing + objects is now in

And weather season in with the player…