Validating install (Launcher is confused)

So, I got some SSD drives today… moved things around, and now my Unreal Editor is on a new drive. Everything is there, and I installed all kinds of redist bits for all kinds of games/apps, shoved in DX11, lots of updates, etc etc… Long story short, I can get the editor to launch and open my content (even set the path when making the first project it made me make because it didn’t have my path saved until I did… now it shows my other projects from that directory)… however, when it fires up the Launcher (any way to turn that off?), the Launcher thinks I need to install the editor/engine. … Granted, I lost the parts that were put on my C drive from the original install, but I have a valid package sitting there and usable. So, how do I force my system to see it, so I don’t have to download 3 gig for nothing? Is there a repair tool out there, or anything like that?