Valid Pipeline for Installing UE5?

TLDR: Do you have a 10 step self help install regiment for UE5 and all the dependencies?

I installed UE5.0.0 and wanted to start out a project, made a new project, and it crashes on [Build all levels] so I created a Windows Package and that crashes on launch, can’t find a file on D:\

Weirdest part about that, there was a D:\ but, the engine was installed on E:\ and the Package was built on E:, so I changed D:\ to T:\ and ran exe again, and it still couldn’t find a file on D:\

Reinstalled Windows, Installed Drivers & Software.
Downloaded and Installed Epic Launcher, Installed 5.0.0
Attempted to use it, and it asked if I wanted to install VS2019, I agreed, and went through that.

Tried to create a C++ project again, and it’s unable to find dotNET related hostfxr.dll, installed a bunch of dotNET versions, found a thread saying dotNET 3.1 as the fix, that was already installed, as suggested in the error, added an Environment Variable for hostfxr.dll and it went into 5.0.0, created a C++ project.

Loaded project and tried to just, do a build, you know, make sure everything valid, crashes still, ok… well let’s try a Package (Windows SDK is missing) Ok, lets go install… Windows SDK 10 already installed… ok, well, strap in I’ll install the other 3 versions too then, Windows SDK 10/10/10/10 not going to do 8/11… Ok, Package Project… Complete… [Empty folder]

I have come to the conclusion, that there are some wrinkles to UE5 installation, and needs a bit of a guide, the “Your First Hour in UE5” tutorial, just says, add engine, pick platforms, and go to it!

I downloaded the dotNET core 3.1.24 and reset windows, and it’s able to build C++ projects on fresh windows. Windows have put this on the Maintenance/Out of Support Dec '22

But still can’t run Packaged Projects with the same error as before

[2022.04.15-08.39.18:433][ 0]Message dialog closed, result: Ok, title: The UE5-ESTS_TDT Game has crashed and will close, text: Assertion failed: Index != INDEX_NONE [File:D:\build++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\Engine\Public\Animation\AttributeTypes.h] [Line: 117]

There is no D:\ so I think there is a hardcoded reference in the source files of the UE5.0.0 package.