Vague Documentation on Material Expression Nodes

Texture Expressions in particular have some extremely un-useful documentation.

The Scene Color node for example: “The SceneColor expression outputs the existing scene color.” That still doesn’t really tell me/us what it does. Also, the description of the node is completely wrong, there is no offset fraction input. The two entries after Scene Colour have no documentation at all.

We’re also still using screenshots from a much earlier version of the Material Editor. I’m all for new features and it’s great that UE is updating so often, but proper concise documentation of what’s currently available really needs to be a higher priority, because a lot of us aren’t getting the most out of the engine.

Yep, these need updating. There are definitely some less than helpful descriptions there, and the images all need reshooting. I think we have materials on the schedule already, but I may see about bumping this up in priority since it is pretty important.

Thanks Jeff, Appreciate it :slight_smile:

Question related to this. The API reference is huge, and I get the impression it is updated as your team works on various aspects of the engine real time, yes?

Is there any sort of change log for the documentation? It would be quite handy as a reference from time to time to see not only what documentation has been updated, but also may potentially alert us to new functions if they were to be added. Apologies if this already exists and that I’ve overlooked it.