Vaga Studios: Character Artists

Looking for people include to our project. We already have 20 people working on
the game, programmers are working very hard and the art team is starting to produce alot of assets. We want a
very talented team so please apply if you are interested.

The game is a medieval first person role playing game, all single player and open world. Inspirations
for the game we are making are some of the basic titles in that genre… Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Etc



Email: with the following…

  1. Name
  2. Portfolio link
  3. Why will you contribute towards the project

Character Artist

  • Intermediate: Knowledge how to use standard sculpting softwares (ZBrush, Mudbox)
  • Intermediate: Knowledge of the character creation pipeline
  • Able to create quality sculpts, whether its making cloths for a character or making the character itself
  • Great understanding of retopology and when its critical to use polys throughout the mesh
  • Smart UV projections to maximize textile density