Vacation Villa

I started this project 3 weeks ago for an Environment design class school assignment (which I’ve already turned in). I modeled and textured over 30 assets and completely built the environment. Now that I’m done with it for school, I have since begun to re-purpose it for a demonstration at work (Villusion Studios). The room you see will be added on to and given a patio and pool and perhaps other rooms. There are lots of little knicknacks to build to make the environment feel inhabited. There are also lots of textures to fix up as well as lighting issues to solve. We are hoping to finish it up within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for more updates.

The one thing I can’t figure out for the life of me is why the bottle on the table has its shadow so off from the base (see screenshots below). I was looking for something like a shadow bias setting but couldn’t find it. Most of the scene is lit by the hdri blueprint that comes with the sample content. Also the goblets on the table don’t cast shadows at all. I imagine it has something to do with the translucency settings, but I haven’t gotten anything to work yet.

All suggestions, help and critiques are welcome. Thanks!


Looks good. This is just a guess, but maybe its the glass that’s causing the weird shadow? Notice the wine glasses do not cast one at all, and the shape of your bottles shadow seems to indicate its from the labeled portions.

Worked on small stuff today. Candles and books:


Coming along quickly now. Here’s a screenshot from today.


A few more shots from today. All assets are done and in. Now we are just fixing up a couple things and doing some shader work.


Looks nice, do you build all this stuff by yourself? and do you use dynamic or static light?

This is built between myself and one other guy. We are a two man studio. We also purchased the jungle foliage pack from the marketplace as well as used foliage and rocks from the kite demo. We are doing this as a showcase for our VR services, but will release it online for people to download as well when we are done. It is made to be viewed in VR.

A couple more screenshots this morning. We are really close to complete and should be ready to release this by mid-week! I’ll try and get a video up later today or tomorrow. I’m especially happy with the ocean shader and it’s fake reef :slight_smile:

The demo is all finished. You can download it and try it out on our website.

Here’s a video:


The scene looks great and your assets appear to be at high quality. But I cannot get rid of the feeling that you can get a lot more out of it if you dig in a bit deeper in the material systems of UE4. Your materials all look a bit… lifeless… In addition I guess you can improve the lighting and maybe some postprocessing to achieve a nicer atmosphere overall.
Don’t get it wrong please - I really like your work but I think that you should not call it “finished” yet. You did some great work but can get more out of your assets :wink:

EDIT: For instance, your materials (maybe especially the wood materials) look too sterile for m. Are you using roughness masks? I think this could make them look more realistically… Then maybe a bit of bump-offset/parallax/tesselation on the brick materials? Soften the light shadows from the lantern?

I totally agree Hackmet. This Demo had to be finished yesterday to send to a client and so the materials didn’t get all the love they deserved. We labeled it WIP (work in progress) specifically because things aren’t tightened up as much as we would like. We are also still relatively new to Unreal and we are learning how to improve things. I really appreciate the constructive feedback. Depending on the schedule we will likely revisit things, but for now it stands as a first draft :slight_smile:

Ah, ok, well, if there’s a deadline you have to submit it :smiley:
But cool that you probably will have time to improve this further, I think it deserves it :slight_smile: And, you can just use it as a playground for testing different features. It’s a very solid base where you just can play with whatever you like^^