V Interp To not working on Set Actor Location?

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to first say that I love this place for its breadth of knowledge and helpful people. I am hoping that someone can maybe point me in the right direction.

I am trying to use the location of a line trace’s hit result to set a new actor location for my player. I would like it to set this new location by moving to that position over time.

I am using VinterpTo but I am getting a strange result. It doesn’t seem to take effect when I plug it into my “New Location” on the Set Actor Location node.

Here is the the blueprint with the set actor location with its inputs.

Am I just mistaken about what VinterpTo does? Is there some other way that I can set the player to travel to this location along the line traces path?

Any help that can be provided is greatly appreciated.


You have to use event tick with vinterp to… However this proves difficult somtimes because it has to be set every frame, because it moves to your position over frames. If you just do it once, it will only move it a small amount. For stuff like this i prefer to use the node, Move componenet to.

However if you insist on using vinterp to. You must use it with event tick
also make sure,
over time does not = 0
and delta time does not equal =0