UX of Unreal Forums, topic and question filtering

Visitors of the forums have different intentions and require filters which are not currently present?

  1. Add a Resolved / Unresolved filter.
  2. Add initial post date filter.
  3. Min / Max engine version filter.
  4. Language filter.

Thank you

*Edit now I’ve started complaining I might as well go on, about which might be valid points or just my personal preferences, please excuse me.

If I had a penny for every H3 (HTML) on the front page of the forums, I’d be a rich man.

  1. The All / Discussion / Q&A etc links on the top of the page look like navigation links to other pages while they are actually filters. Keep it simple, make it a filter.

  2. As noted before, Unresolved / Resolved filter would be sweet here. Prioritize unresolved questions over resolved ones (I mean are they even relevant if you are not specifically looking for them?), then prioritize recent activity dates, then prioritize recent initial post dates by default.

  3. I am seeing notification numbers all over the place, right top on my profile, in a message on top of the page and on several numbers on the what seems to be a secondary filter bar (we got multiple now?). Either keep it in one spot or I lose interest and the numbers lose their value

  4. “You need to add an engine tag” on any questions I want to post leaving me searching for a button which sort of resembles an engine tag,?hash tag? or do i type (ue4-26)? So I go to reddit and find it has to be typed on one of the categorizing tags.

  5. I have priorities and when I visit the home page even the mobile menu icon can’t get me there quickly. The context of those links are unclear until I click on them or irrelevant to what I came for. I either want to answer questions or join discussions with a very specific purpose which (everyone? wants to get to ASAP).

  6. The keyboard shortcuts are not useful unless you can show me not half of the visitors are mobile users and at least 10% of desktop users use them. I mean who visits a website to learn an entire shortcut scheme for a 10 minut visit? If you really want to provide some kind of a ‘quick action’ thing per page then maybe make it a search bar, like VS code does or Blender3D which is basically a popup asking you what you want to do so you can just type it and click to perform the action.

*Edit 2

  1. I used to browse the Answerhub on my phone. After seeing half of the UE forums are made of table elements I checked how it behaves on the phone. The horror. It is not mobile friendly. That means (likely most of) the visitors will have a bad experience here.

Hey Sada! Thank you so much for the detailed feedback on the forums and especially the experience when viewing on mobile. We’ll review this feedback and others to see what we can improve upon and then pass that along to the team.

As for the tags relating to the Engine versions, we’ve consolidated and updated these to be more consistent. As of this reply, these are the Engine version tags;

Overall it seems like mobile useability could do with some work, and we hear this; if you have any further feedback, we would love to listen to it and hopefully be able to improve the forums on the platforms people use! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, and happy developing!

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