UX of error popups

This is just a feedback for UE devs which I don’t know where to put.

I just started import of 1000 images and for some reason all of them are failing. That’s ok, but for some reason I’m getting a popup for each and every one of them. The popup doesn’t allow me cancel the entire queue of commands in the background, it doesn’t even have the Ok button focused.

So the only way not to click Ok 1000 times is to kill the editor process, potentially losing some work.

There must be a better way…

It gets worse. The error was “Error: Cannot import texture with non-power of two dimensions” and it prints to console 1000 times, even though I’m now trying to add just one. Seems like it’s automatically trying to add the entire batch, or it’s somehow stuck even after multiple restarts.

The images I’m trying to import are just for UI, I don’t want mipmaps for them, or any compression… and I’ve already imported other non-power-of-two images without any issues. I’m simply perplexed.

So my suspicion is confirmed, it tried to add the entire collection, just based on the names of other images, even when I add just one. That’s the bad kind of magic. :frowning:

There is an editor option that should allow you to add non-power of 2 textures;
TextureImporter > AllowNonPowerOfTwoTextures

Regarding the popup appearing, are the images sprites?

It was sprites, but intended for a UI material. Where is the TextureImporter category? I don’t seem to have it, searched through both Editor preferences and Project settings.

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