UWP Target platform for Unreal?

What do you guys think about UWP target platform for unreal? I Recently found out that unity has support for that,
while looking up games that were already in the microsoft store.I think the microsoft store has a lot of potential,
in that there’s not a lot of saturation there and all the mobile game devs that are using unity are taking advantage of that market.

I understand that there’s a lot of engineering that goes into it, and with the upcoming console generation, UWP support isn’t exactly
top priority for Unreal Dev team. They do have much more important features / systems to work on, but still, what do you guys
think about them supporting the platform in the future?

Yes, I’d like to know as well why UE4 doesn’t support UWP. Are there any “tech” related problems about it?

I think it’s just that epic is focusing on bringing new ground breaking features to unreal. Supporting UWP might be harder for unreal since unity uses C# which is a .net language, while cpp is just .net compatible. So it is a bit harder for epic than for unity. Unity also had support from Microsoft probably, since unity is big for Hololens, making it even easier for them.

Regardless, It shouldn’t be hard for the brilliant engineers at epic, it’s just more of a business decision, to not really bother with a feature that is not going to put them on the edge or has a high demand for.
I wouldn’t be surprised if epic hadn’t even seriously considered whether or not to add the support for UWP.

Unreal Engine doesn’t support UWP for essentially political reasons - but UWP is no longer a requirement to ship a game to the Microsoft Store, so support for it is also not particularly relevant any more.

​​​​​​​Are you sure? For the IDXbox program, yes, it is not a requirement. But It’s a requirement release on their “second” store if your project is not accepted by the IDXbox program. This "Xbox Live Creators store I mean by “second” store.

The XBox Live Creator’s store is different, that’s true - but I don’t think there are a huge amount of people expecting to use UE4 and go down that route. Things like the memory limitations will hit you pretty hard (and since there’s little to no money to be made there, realistically it’s not in Epic’s interests to support it).

I’m not sure UWP will continue to exist for more than a few more years, since Microsoft has largely dropped it internally too.