UWorks:There's no server... How do I run it?

This question is related to UWorks which is the plugin of OnlineSubsystem.

I posted a question the meaning of which is very related to this question.↓↓

I want to know UWorks work flow... - Plugins - Unreal Engine Forums

OK, one of the big problem I’m facing is that Server doesn’t run when play in Editor(Stand Alone).

Here is the detail description. ↓

This is Event Graph of UWPlayerController.

This image is about Handling UI, you don’t have to read this so hard. Just notice that this script is connected from Event BeginPlay.

This is about client logic. Just notice that Begin Play → Custom Event(Run on Server)“Send Ticket To Server”

This Image is Important. Notice that if Object got from “Get Server” node is invalid, that is to say it cannot get server because there’s no server running, Print String “Not Get Server”. If it is valid value, Session is started and I can do something in GameModeBase.

Then I play the game, open the level in Editor(Stand Alone Game, Run Dedicated Server). You can see the string “Not Get Server” in the top left of the screen. This mean Server is not running, so I cannot do anything in server logic.

Maybe I will face some problems even if I solve this, but first of all, I have to make Server running.

Does someone know how I can run server and make server logic?