UVW unwrap

  1. is it possible to make Overwrite setting for model texture size than I want to rebake new texture?
  2. is it possible to mke one more button to Recreate UVW unwrap for exist model? ( Sorry, i found the button :smiley: )
  3. is it possible to fix the bug with UV unwrap of big sized texture (8K)?

Dear Yegor,

  1. I’m not sure if I understand this question. However if model that you are going to import does not have texture file but contains UV coordinates then the texture size of the imported model will be RECONTRUCTION \ Settings \ Coloring / Texturing \ Imported model default texture size. If it contains the texture file then it will use it’s resolution.
  2. Yes : RECONSTRUCTION \ Tools \ Unwrap … if you probably found this then it is correct :slight_smile:
  3. Cen you describe the bug in more details please?

Dear Michalj,

  1. somehow a have a problems with it. Next time will do some screenshots.
  2. –solved–
  3. Yes, I mean this:

S_Odessa_Trunk_u1_v1.jpg - ACDSee Quick View 2016-10-16 21.26.54.jpg

Seems CR calculate some think like absolute texel size for texture… but its to small in compare to original photos. And some photos can contain more information (closeups).

New update… and still not fixed :frowning: