UVW generated by UE

This is something I always wondered. You know how DataSmith generates its own UVW? OK… how do you go about extracting those maps so you can edit textures to them in PS?

That’s not a thing you do with UVW’s, you don’t bring the UV’s into Photoshop, they’re just coordinates for how to map a 2D texture to a 3D mesh. If you want to render a reference image of the UV layout so you can draw on top of it in Photoshop then you’d need to use your 3D software to render a template of the UV’s, for example in 3ds Max when you use the UVW editor there’s a menu option to render it to an image. I would imagine most 3D software has a feature like that.

Hey! Thxs for the reply. I’m aware on how to work with uvw maps. I use 3ds and unwrap there. Just noticed ue4 unwraps models automatically for channel 2 using datasmith and was wondering if people can have access to that uvw map. But I think you dont.

You can export things back to 3ds Max, but all it’s doing is using the Automatic Flatten feature in 3ds Max which makes UV’s split by an angle threshold.

Yeah… that’s what I figured from looking at the uvw’s. Thxs for the tip!