UVs issues ! NEED HELP !

Hi guys.
I’ve recently learned how to do the UV lighting and texture for a single object in 3ds max, I have a question about doing it for multiple objects like the scenes you guys did and I saw your work, How do you set the UVs for a scene that has multiple objects?
Do you group them all together and set the pivot point and UVs? Because doing it for each object takes a lot of time ! Or maybe there are other ways , I would really appreciate it if you help because I’m new to 3ds max and unreal engine.
Or maybe you don’t do it in 3ds max ? and unreal engine can take care of it? I don’t know I have different possibilities in my mind and I don’t know which one is correct

So please help me out

I think most people use scripts to do it automatically…otherwise you’d have to do it 1 object at a time and it’s indeed too long.

This one’s good :

Thanks Phil ! Really appreciate it ! I will try this one